Recent Work: Branding, Logo, SEO, Collateral, Signage

Quarry Walk is a local development in Oxford, CT. Haynes Development of Seymour owned and operated a Quarry there for many years. The Quarry is now being transformed into a mixed residential and retail community! The logo needed to reflect the evolution of a quarry into a town center boasting its 1.5-mile walkway on the perimeter and the world class anchor store, boutiques, and townhouses. All the buildings will feature the stones from the quarry.

Logo Design

My logo design had to reflect all that! It has come a long way but I am very pleased with the final choice!

Road Sign

The road sign was the first project announcing the project to the community. I have been a photographer, designer and have also edited drone film clips into a mini movie for a trade show.

Since I started this project the company acquired different management / designers and decided to take this logo into a different direction. At the time this logo was approved with flying colors and was used on everything.