brainIts impossible to be a creative Graphic Designer and not also a logical left brained thinker.

Creating the concept for branding, print or web material is part of a process. As a designer we can spend a good amount of time on the design aspect as we do the execution of it. Its a combined creative and linear process. The creative process and being able to design well is an extremely valuable trait. There are some people who can design, but are not organized or cannot code. And there are some that can think linear, perhaps code, are organized, and are very detailed but can’t conceptualize or draw a stick figure. Coming up with that great idea, the revelation, takes time. The execution is a learned skill. I have years of doing both working with major brands and small businesses. Design ability and skilled timely execution.

Moonflower Studio knows how to handle every job. Big or small. From concept to execution. Using the left and right brains, the very best of both hemispheres!

Take a cue from Albert… The hardest problems are solved with imagination.