Pastel Animal Portraits


Give yourself or someone you love a beautiful hand painted gift of art. A pastel portrait of their beloved pet.

Our pets become  parts of our families, they are our best friends, they help relieve stress, they keep us healthy, These fine art paintings are a great way to keep the memories of your beloved pet. They make the  most thoughtful lovely gift!

I have been painting pet portraits for 30 years for clients and as gifts for my own family and friends. I studied art at Moore College of Art and Sacred Heart University. I have a BFA degree in graphic design, illustration and painting.

I have painted murals in my town schools, shown my paintings in juried art exhibits,  CT pastel Society, City Lights Gallery, Kent Art Association, Terrywile Mansion, Library galleries, Valley Arts Council. My fine art has been bought by private collectors. I have illustrated for companies like Perrier, Lint chocolate, Bigelow Tea, Altria and design firms.

 I am passionate about animals and nature. Pastel is my medium of choice for pet portraits as it combines the softness of impressionistic stokes with pure brilliant pigments. Pastels have been used in fine art paintings for centuries. 

I have rescued dog Rosey (top left). She is my second rescued dog, I have also had rescued animals of all types throughout my life.  Rosey and  I enjoy hiking together throughout Connecticut’s beautiful wooded trails and live in Seymour, with our people.


Rosey and I on a woodland autumn hike

How to order your beautiful pet portrait

Please email me at with your request and a digital image of your pet. I will require 50% of the total price before I start the project. Materials and time involved make this non-refundable. When the portrait is completed I will email you a digital image of the final piece of art and after receiving the balance due (including the required shipping costs usually around $15  and  CT tax) it will get shipped or hand delivered if you live in the area.

All artwork is created on archival highest quality pastel paper and with pure pigment pastels. I do not frame this art. I suggest to get it professionally matted and framed under glass to protect the pastel. Pastels will smudge so handle with care.


Price and Size Options
I have chosen two size formats of archival safe pastel paper.

Smaller format art on 12×16 inch paper

One head cat, dog, bunny, parrot etc ~ $90.00

One full figure cat, dog, bunny, parrot etc    ~ $185.00

Horse one head portrait  ~ $150.00

Backgrounds will be a blend of soft colors if your wand to add a favorite toy  ~ add $15.00 for each toy

Larger format art on 19×25 inch paper

2 combined head portraits Cat or Dog (2 of your pets in a painting) ~$160.00

One full body Cat or Dog~$250.00

2 combined full figure portraits cat or dog (2 of your pets in a painting)~$320.00

Horse one full head portrait ~ $ 200.00

Horse one full figure portrait or Two Horse Heads~$ 350.00

Two horses combined full figure ~ $500

Backgrounds will be a blend of soft colors if your wand to add a favorite toy  ~ add $15.00 for each toy

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 Tips on picture taking

You can take a picture with your smart phone if you want.  Please try to take the photo in natural light, try to get low near your pets face. Not looking down at your pet. We want a “pet selfie” type of  image. Keep in mind the final painted image will look like the photo you take.  Perhaps take a series of photos over a few days and then pick the one that best describes your pet. Try with the flash and the flash off.

If your pet had surgery or has scars you don’t want in the  final art please let me know in the email.

CT sales tax will be added to each and also shipping. I will try to find the most affordable shipping. (the shipping price is not included in the deposit).  If you live in the Seymour CT area I will hand deliver to you. We can meet downtown Seymour at the General Store or Starbucks. Or if you live within ten miles from Seymour I can meet you at a Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or a library.

Fine art portraits are costly to for the professional quality materials used and the many hours  to create the art. I need to ask for a non refundable  50%  deposit to start your project. You will receive a digital proof  when I complete the painting and then pay the balance in order to ship the final art.  I strive to create this fine art with the likeness of your pet in my style of painting, so you can enjoy your beloved pet image for many years.  Artwork is created on a first come basis, if I have a heavy workload I will notify you with the estimated time I will be able to get started on your piece.

 About Pastels

Pastels are raw pigments mixed into a thick paste with a binder gum arabic, and formed into sticks then dried.
Pastels have a high degree of permanence, as they are pure pigments made with very little medium that can undergo chemical changes over time. Pastels contain enough medium to achieve texture and necessary cohesion. Pastels combine the expressiveness of a drawing with the characteristics and depth of paintings.  Pastels were used by impressionist artists like Edgar Degas,  Mary Cassat who popularized it in the USA in the 19th century.



 Here are some of my pet and wild animal portraits done in pastel on paper